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TECH: Cleaning and Fog Proofing Your Glasses

Whether cycling, skiing, running, or even driving your car, there are few things more annoying than having dirty glasses or glasses that fog up. Endurance athletes not only have to deal with every day dirt on their lenses, but also with thick nasty coats of sweat.

This certainly can't be avoided, but there are a few tricks you can employ which will help you to clean your glasses more easily and reduce fogging of the lenses.

Sweaty glasses like this can be a challenge to clean.

  • When shopping for athletic eye wear, only consider models which have vented lenses specifically designed to reduce fogging.
  • Clean your glasses regularly, as dirt attracts more dirt, which will scratch and damage even the highest quality lense.
  • Only use a micro fiber cloth specifically designed for cleaning lenses to clean your glasses. If a micro fiber cloth isn't available, use cotton, but never wool or synthetic fiber garmets. Wool and synthetic fibers are hydrophobic and repel water, generally smearing dirt and water around on the lense - not removing the dirt.
  • There are numerous lense cleaner products on the market, some of which work well. However, I've found that non abrasive tooth paste works best as a cleaner and for preventing fogging.
Yes, believe it or not, tooth paste is the secret weapon located in everyone's bathroom vanity! I first learned of this trick while ski racing in Australia. Think about it, if anyone knows how to prevent lenses from fogging, it's Australian XC Skiers as they're constantly skiing in rainy, foggy sleet!

From a technical standpoint, tooth paste is a logical cleaner and fogging preventer for eyewear. It cleans well, leaves a hydrophobic coat on the surface it is applied to, and of course smells fresh!

Finally, specifically to clean your lenses with tooth paste, I recommend following these steps:
  1. Moisten your lenses with water, to help loosen and rinse your lenses.
  2. Using a tiny dab of non-abrasive tooth paste, use your thumb to lightly scrub your lenses clean.
  3. Rinse off your lenses using water and rubbing the lense surface with your thumb again.
  4. Inspect the lense to ensure it is free to sweat, dirt, and that the film of tooth paste is rinsed off.
  5. Dry the lenses with an eye wear specific cloth or a soft cotton cloth.

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  1. Cool. I never thought that fog proofing your eyeglasses was possible. These methods will surely be a big help to people who wears glasses.