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Training food!

I was just kind of flipping through my photos and I came across this lovely image of some good old fashioned PROTEIN!  This is the kind of thing you eat and the juice just goes right to your legs and you get all pumped up and muscular.  It's awesome.

I was just reflecting that the summer is kind of dwindling down here, so it's time to get out there and use up the rest of the charcoal that you've accumulated over the last few months.  Even with a couple months left to go, it's going to be close for me (I have about four bags of charcoal saved up) but that's a good problem to have.

This particular picture of pretty good looking slabs of beef was taking out on Lake Wissota on the free beach next to LeGrander's (it's a root beer float place).  I might just have to round up all the CyclovaXC cyclists in Eau Claire/Chippewa and then drop off all their significant others at Wissota to start up the grill while we do a goodbye summer ride here in a couple weeks.  Any takers?

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