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When You're stuck with Two Right Gloves

I swear, sometimes the hardest part of cycling is just getting the heck out of the house.  I was trying to go hillbounding the other day and because I haven't done it last fall, it entailed me going about a mad search throughout my entire house to find the equipment I needed.  This was even more exasperating because I only needed like TWO things.

I found my poles relatively quickly, but I couldn't find any of my lightweight ski gloves that I usually use for hillbounding.  I did find an old pair of bicycling gloves, but there was something in the back of my head that told me that I shouldn't use bicycling gloves with ski poles.  This wasn't hesitance based on impropriety (I adore impropriety), but more based on some sort of faded recollection that I had done it once before and somehow ripped my hands to shreds.

Well, eventually the headache that I get when I spend too much time inside (is anybody else like that?) got too bad for me to look anymore so I just said, "TO HECK WITH IT!" and rounded up the poles and the bicycling gloves and hit the road.

It was only when I was piling out of the car at the peak of the Elk Mound hill that I realized with a shrill of annoyance that I had brought two right handed gloves!  I searched through my car for a different glove of ANY sort, and had just started to debate the perils of running the hill bare handed...when it occurred to me that maybe I could just turn one of the gloves inside out?

Would that turn a right glove into a left glove?

Rather than try to visualize it conceptually I just did it and lo and behold...a left glove was formed.  I quickly threw it on and did a pitiful number of hill bounds (not enough to generate a blister by a LONG shot), but I was happy to have discovered the little inside out trick.

Feel free to use it yourself for a small royalty payment (payable by check or money order to me in the amount of .19 US dollars).

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