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111 Inches of Snow in Southern MN?

No, this is not Southern MN over the past few days, rather it was reportedly taken near Quincy City, MI.

On Wednesday and Thursday last week, much of the Midwest got record amounts of precipitation.

In fact, the southern Minnesota town of
Winnebago saw a two day storm total of 11.06" of rain! Other towns in the region also saw huge storm totals such as Amboy, Truman, and Windom all with more than 9". For more on this amazing precipitation event, check out the great but kind of dorky (I'm sure they won't mind my saying that) Minnesota Climatology Work Group website.

So, with it being late September and snow being on my mind, I go to thinking about how much snow we would have received, had the temperatures during this precipitation event been about 30 degrees colder... The old rule of thumb is that on average, for every 10 inches of snow that fall, this is equivalent to 1 inch of rain - a 10:1 ratio. Do some simple math and we come up with a likely 111" of snow that would have fallen on Wednesday and Thursday in Winnebago, MN.

Can you imagine that?
111" of snow in the corn field covered landscape of Winnebago, MN. I imagine that looking like the picture at the top of this post, with the roads looking more like tunnels through snow than anything else.

Hold on to your hats, Old Man Winter is on the way!

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