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2010 American Birkiebeiner Video

The good folks at CXC have once again created a world class video of the American Birkiebeiner! They did a fantastic job at putting together a professional level video last year, and this year's is even better, with what I consider more full coverage and even better commentary.

Now that September is here, I'm sure I'm not the only one waking up on the chilly mornings with heavy dew covering the trees and grass - so heavy and thick that you'd swear its frost or even a dusting of snow. Sadly, when you touch it you realize it's just water... Tis the time of rollerskiing, trail runs, dreaming of snow, and yes, watching the Birkie Video.

Note: they make you watch a 1 minute advertisement at the beginning.

Note that this great video may be purchased on DVD by going to

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