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24 Hours of Telemark CANCELED!

The headline of the 24 Hours of Telemark website as seen above says it all: Event Canceled.

I recall the last time I did the 24 Hours of Telemark XC Ski race. To date, it is still the only 24 hour event I've ever actually participated in.

I recall being amazed at how the bodies of myself and my team mates could just keep on going, through the night, without sleep. I recall skiing the last night time leg and the sun rising toward the end of that leg. After skiing for much of the night, that was likely one of the most anticipated sun rises of my life. What an amazing race! Unfortunately, the 24 Hours of Telemark event will only live on in our memories, at least for the time being.

Sadly, due to the unfortunate closure of Telemark Lodge, this coming winter's 24 Hours of Telemark Race has officially been canceled. While the ski trails will still likely be available to ski on and hold events on, the lodge is closed.

Holding a 24 hour race in the middle of winter definitely requires some real shelter, more than tents can offer.

In a recent Press Release, race organizer Harry Spehar offered the following to friends of the event, "Hopefully in the future, we can hold this unique event again and we want to thank all those who have participated over the past 10 years; it’s been a lot of fun."

It's a sad day when a well established (and unique) Nordic event like this is wiped off of the calendar. Hopefully Telemark Lodge will figure out a way to make things work out and be sustainable in the long term. It's available for a steal of a deal according to the listing that can be found HERE.

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