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Baby Curls, a New Way to Lose Weight!

Yup, if there's one thing I've found out about having a newborn in the house, it's that you are given your own personal free weight to carry around with you wherever you go.  I figure that you might as well do a couple sets of curls whenever you get a few free seconds (plus the baby seems to enjoy it...she only gets mad when she's NOT moving).

Seriously though, have you ever noticed these men and women at the grocery store who have like four thirty to fifty pound kids under each arm?  On top of that, they seem to be able to just toss them from arm to arm like they're juggling a football.  I get pretty nervous whenever I have Sofia in my hands (I think they should make baby clothing out of the same material that they use to make footballs actually...making baby clothing out of slippery silk or whatever is just asking for trouble).

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that those people juggling babies intimidate me much like those guys who are tossing around 4 plates on the bench press at the gym.  I can only hope that as Sofia continues to put on weight, my personal stature will continue to fill out so I can go toe to toe with those supermarket muscle men/women.  She's eating pretty good these chances are high!

Oh, and yeah...that IS Optimus Prime on the top of the bookshelf on the left.  Awesome huh?

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