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Contents of My Ski Box (skis, hand-grenade...)

I just had to laugh as I opened up my ski box the other day to grab my roller skiing poles, because there, sitting in the midst of all my other superfluous, irrelevant equipment was a hefty hand-grenade.  The item is presumably there for the days my skis are slow...or rather, it's included in the ski box as a sort of physical threat to my skis NOT to be slow, or they know what fate awaits them.

The hand grenade is an interesting story.  My grandpa participated in world war II and he brought back that and a bunch of other interesting items (tracer bullets that he used to shoot over lake Hayward for example).  Nobody knows for sure if the thing is live or a dud...but one of these days I might just pull the pin and give the item a little chuck and see if it still works.  Until then, I'll just leave it to rattle around in my ski box (you can hear it thumping to the front ever time I slam at the breaks at a stop goes BANG! into the front of the box and in the back of my mind I always think it's going to go off, hehehe).

You might notice that I also have a pair of Rossignol skis from about 1989 (they were the peak of technology in their day) and a broom (to sweep the trail after the last competitor has gone by).

What's in YOUR ski box?

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