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Cross Country Water Skis?

Ok...this one came up on a google alert and I can only assume it was a slow news day because this is absolutely ridiculous.  The "skis" that the guy has invented obviously don't work at all except for as a very crude kind of boat that only barely floats.  He's not doing anything that looks like a diagonal stride, and even as a double poling exercise it's kind of questionable.

Now, I don't mean to rip on this dude, because he seems to be a pretty passionate old guy who is sincere about trying to develop a cross-country ski that works on water.  However, if a 12 year old kid who was just messing around on his summer vacation had made the same device tha t Nikolai Vasiliev has produced here...I doubt any news agency would be picking it up and perpetuating the video.

Who knows, maybe I'll eat my words and Vasiliev will continue to perfect his Cross Country Water Skis (need a better name), but I doubt it.  You see, if you wan to Cross-Country Ski in the summer, there's already a perfectly good invention that's a lot more ski-specific: Roller-skis!

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