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Fat Tire FEVER!--Cyclops 2.18

So I'm sure many of you are out there doing the Fat Tire on Saturday. Today, as I went to pick up my wife from work I saw many a car with mountain bikes strapped to the roofs. I fumbled with my cell phone to try and get a decent picture, but of course they all came out a blurry mass (it's hard to take a picture of something coming at you at 70 mph, when you're simultaneously headed towards it at 70 mph...I think the camera is the only one who recognizes that you have bigger concerns in that scenario than image quality).

As all of you know, the Chequamegon Fat Tire is one of the four corners of the year for fresh air athletes like ourselves. The other three would be Grandma's marathon, the Firehouse Fifty and the Birkie (if you have any suggestions for bigger events to stick in here, please send them along...but that group of four is a pretty good sample). Ridiculous as it is, I've never done the Fat Tire, so I'm dying to hear everyone's "war stories" as you finish the event. Please don't hesitate to send me an email with a couple comments about your Fat Tire experience (, and if you or a friend can snap a photo (ANY kind of photo) that would be even better.

I had been considering heading up to be a photographer/spectator, but then I found out that Oktoberfest is this weekend in Chippewa Falls (apparently the residents of Chippewa Falls couldn't figure out that Oktober is German for October...the month Oktoberfest is supposed to take place...oh well). Since I'm not actually doing the Fat Tire...the beer is calling!

So for all of you Fat Tire warriors, have a blast! Don't forget to send me your tales! And enjoy these articles from the previous couple weeks (there's a lot of cyclocross stuff in there)!

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