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Good Training Food

Yep, that's right, when I'm out there hitting the roller ski trails, I eat nothing but the Sasquatch Big Stick!  It's JUICY, it's HAIRY, it's full of PROTEIN!

I don't know man...we live in a weird world.  I mean, I was walking through the grocery store and I saw this display for the Sasquatch Big Stick and I just had to stop and take a picture.  I mean it was ABSURD that this huge cardboard cut-out would be allowed to stand there and scare children and old ladies and whatnot.  However, somehow I was the only one who seemed to have any kind of issue.  Everybody else just walked calmly past this thing without giving it so much as a second look.  HOW COULD YOU NOT GIVE THAT A SECOND LOOK!

I mean...what...do I have some unique perception of the world?  Am I seriously the only one who can look upon the above image of the Saquatch and say to myself "this is not right?"  (Did you notice the little thing at the bottom with the two images for "angry" and "happy?"  Too bad I cut that off in the picture, I'm sure it would have been uber-revealing).

Still, I did stop and clear out this display, and now I have six tons of Sasquatch big sticks in my roller skiing pouch to work through on my training excursions...so I guess it was an effective advertisement...CURSE YOU SASQUATCH!!!!!


  1. Not going to Lie, those things are awesome, Angry all the way. nothing like beef sticks 20 miles into a ride! Screw Gu or shot blocks, BEEF STICK!

  2. It's true. CyclovaXC: Powered by Beef Jerkey, Summit EPA, and Farm & Fleet!