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Laurent Fignon, Biking and Bonking--Cyclops 2.17

The biking season is winding down (although I'm told the cyclocross season is just winding let me know about that if you have inside information) and I'm guessing the next issue of the Cyclops will be a bit more run/rollerski heavy. However, it's impossible not to dedicate this issue to cycling, what with the recent passing of the great Laurent Fignon. I found it kind of strange how much of an effect Fignon's death had on me. Maybe it was because deep down I knew it was kind of unfair to cast him as the "villain" in the 1989 Tour. In light of recent events, I might just have to dust off that old Greg LeMond highlight tape and watch it with an appreciative eye for the race Fignon rode.

Oddly, my first article for this issue of the Cyclops was also about another cycling great who was taken too soon, Marco Pantani. Pantani's death was more preventable than Fignon's because it involved cocaine instead of cancer, but nobody can dispute the fact that Pantani could climb with the best racers to ever ride the Tour. I suppose as the years go by, I find myself pardoning all these foolish racers for their infractions (although I don't see any forgiveness for Floyd Landis on the horizon).

Has anybody else noticed how ridiculously hot it has been lately? How is it that some days it feels like the peak of the hottest summer in the history of the universe, and other days it feels like a cool fall afternoon? There doesn't seem to be any transition from Summer to Fall, there are just alternating days of hot and cold...and then, suddenly, there's football on your TV!

Fall has historically been the "dead season" for me (I know...I need to start mountain biking and doing some cyclocross), but I like the relaxation of it. I'm looking forward to some ridiculous marathon roller-skis with only a couple snickers bars to keep me from Bonking like a madman. We'll be seeing you out there on the trails! And don't forget to send me your Mountain Biking photos!

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