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Long Range 2011 Winter Forecast for Upper Midwest

A sight for sore eyes, this long range forecast map gives Midwestern XC Skiers reason to celebrate! (Photo Credit to Accuweather.com)

Tis the season when us hardcore ski dorks and snow lovers begin to spend countless hours with The Weather Channel on in the background, checking long range forecasts, and checking snow cams on line in a quest to figure out where early snow is falling. If this describes you, congratulations, you're a ski dork!

Well, in my never ending quest for snow, I stumbled across the first reputable long range forecast (aside from Farmers Almanac) that I've seen for the coming winter, and I'll admit I really like what I see!

AccuWeather.com Chief Long-Range Meteorologist Joe Bastardi is calling for "Winter's Worst" covering a wide swath from the Pacific Northwest through roughly Green Bay, WI. Specifically, he says that "Fargo and Minneapolis to Green Bay will also receive above-normal winter snowfall." Other Midwest cities that he predicts will see above average snowfall include Chicago and Detroit.

In terms of temperatures, Bastardi is calling for average Midwestern temperatures to be "a degree or so cooler than average".

For snow lovers, this is an optimal recipe: Cold temperatures with above average moisture! Here in the Midwest, in an "average" winter, we receive plenty of snow and have a good long ski season. If this forecast is at all accurate, we should be set for a solid winter packed full of great ski days!

Now, as much as I wish it were guaranteed that we get above average snow fall with below average temperatures this winter, I acknowledge that all long range forecasts are a true "crap shoot". With that said, yet this month, I will be releasing the official Cyclova XC Midwest Winter forecast for the coming season. Last year's '09 - '10 Cyclova XC Midwest Winter Forecast was right on the mark in some ways and off in others - just as good as any other long range forecast I guess!

As CyclovaXC.com readers, it's now your daily responsibility to begin your snow dancing for the season!

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