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Today, I'd like to officially introduce Jeff Evans to everyone. He and his friend Tyler Prahl recently joined us and are looking forward to getting to know everyone! Welcome Jeff! I recently caught up with him to do a brief interview with him to figure out just what makes him tick.

Frank: What drew you to Cyclova XC?
Jeff: I was keyed onto Cyclova XC by Tyler Prahl after he’d met you (Frank). I’d just moved to the area (from Atlanta, GA) and was looking for buddies to ride with, or just buddies in general. I moved here not knowing a single person, and no family anywhere, (East Coasters).
What drew me to you guys was the attitude around leading active lives and sharing that with others whom have the same passions. It was very non-intimidating for someone who'd been wanting to join a club for a while now. I also like the Peru significance in Ben's life because I've been to Macchu Picchu and it was the trip of a lifetime!

Jeff ripping it up at the recent Minneapolis Duathlon.

Frank: Why do you have such a passion for the sport (cycling)?
Jeff: I picked up riding a mountain bike around campus in college. Then started riding to work, school, and my girlfriends place. All the time, I wanted a road bike but money was short and cracking into a sport that breeds mostly Alphas was tough for a shy beginner.
I'm thoroughly passionate because it's an escape. Instead of therapy, I have a road bike & I-Pod, and it works well! Pushing yourself to new limits and seeing progress while keeping yourself healthy and making friends is all anyone needs. Not to mention getting to see the country and your neighborhoods at "slower" speeds. It's just pure bliss. Everything about the sport commands respect and is packed with tradition, which is so awesome. I feel like riding makes you part of a very pure community, or movement. I also feel like a well made bike could serve as artwork just as easily as a mode of transportation or racing machine.

Frank: What do you do during the off season?
Jeff: Honestly, I have never had one. I did a lot of Spin classes in Atlanta during the winter with some fairly serious team folks, but you can ride year round there if you’re bold and dress up. So this year will be interesting. I’m really interested in getting into ski racing as well but have literally never been on a ski in my life! Beyond that, I enjoy running when possible, and beer. Beer is a good way to spend an off season. I also left a band when I moved, so I may look for folks to play some music with. Or just re-kindle my song writing and love for guitar while it snows away my riding opportunities.

Frank: What do you ride?
Jeff: I have a carbon fiber Bottecchia road bike with SRAM components - and it's my baby. It gets fixed before my car does if I have to choose. Putting over 100 miles a week is a necessity to maintain sanity! I have an obnoxious orange Bianchi mountain bike that I crash a lot trying to ride obstacles that Tyler and his friends fly over (I'm more of a Chequamegon Fat Tire kind of guy). I also ride an old lugged steel Mariushi single speed for grocery store runs. This bike is hipster to a certain extent, but it's safer to lock up than my carbon bike.

Frank: What are your goals with riding?
Jeff: My goals are to settle in to a group of like minded folks that can help motivate and push me to become a better rider, runner, and maybe skier? Specifically I'd like to win a Cat 4/5 road race next year. Maybe two, or at least podium once or twice. But winning would be sweet. Outside of riding, just find a life here since I'm 1300 miles away from the nearest family member or friend from home.


  1. That's my boy!! I hope I get a chance to meet some of Jeff's fellow team mates when I come up for Thanksgiving. I'm going to fix a GREAT BIG Old Fashioned Turkey Dinner! (You'll have to ask Jeff about being invited...haha. Safe Riding to all!! Mom Evans

  2. Nice to meet you Jeff, and your mom said she's going to come up and fix a Turkey dinner for us. That's awesome!!!

    Let me know when you're ready to head down to Peru again!

    Sheesh...we've been a little lax doing group events lately, I'll have to get on Frank's case about that!


  3. uuuuuhhhhhh Dude, uuuhhhhuuuuhh I mean, like, deep, deep, deep, cool stuff, uuuuhhhuuuuuh...I hope you enjoy the cool winters in Minn. knowing beer is a passion, you'll have plenty of indoor time to re-kindle that! We may have to go back to using one of your old nicknames... Hefty. Love U Bud. US

  4. Excellent stuff Dude!!