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One Year of CyclovaXC!

Time flies doesn't it...sort of like Frank Lundeen on a bicycle!

I just noticed that we're up to 371 articles on CyclovaXC, and considering in the early days there were a few days when we did one or two articles, that means we've more or less had our birthday!

It's hard to believe that this club is already a year old!  Taking a step back and looking at things, I have to say that we're more or less on schedule as to where we want to be.  When Frank and I started up the Riverbrook Nordic Ski Team, it took a couple years for the club to really get rolling.  I think we're further along right now than we were after the first year of Riverbrook, so that's good.

We've gotten a lot done in our first year.  The roster is pretty well established and growing.  Our Facebook group and email list are expanding every day.  We've also managed to print up and sell a bike kit, two different ski suits, and a warm-up jacket (which is no small feat).

It was mainly due to nostalgia over the old Riverbrook team, and the fact that I still don't think there are any good ski suits out there to buy (other than the ones I've had a hand in designing), that inspired Frank and I to get this club going a year ago.  The best part so far has been all the people I've gotten to reconnect with (after spending a decade in Peru) and all the new people I've gotten to meet!

In the upcoming year, I really hope that we somehow manage to get a vest printed up...although I don't know when exactly we might do that.  I'd also like to have a few more team events.  Frank and I did a handful of bike rides which were a blast, but with little Sofia's birth (my beautiful daughter), I found that the last month has been...well...different :).  Still, more rides are definitely on the calendar for next year.

For right now, my focus is on the ski season. In a month or so, I'll probably be putting together a list of the 10-15 races I want to do, and hopefully we'll be able to start scheming and planning as a team as to how to do all these events.  Trust's a LOT more fun when you head up to Biwabik or Calumet or Hayward in a convoy and emerge onto the ski trail as a forceful TEAM (I'm such a loudmouth that I need to have fifty teammates surrounding me...and sometime's THAT'S not even enough).

I've got to check the dates, but my guess is that the ski season is going to go something like this:

ABR Marathon (don't they have one?)
Stormy Kromer
Pepsi Challenge
Seeley Hills Classic
City of Lakes 
Vassaloppet (gotta do both the Pre-Birkie and the Vassaloppet)

(and a plethora of 10-15 K races scattered throughout the rest of the open weekends)

Anyway, keep those dates free.  You don't even have to do the races, just come with us to the various frigid corners of WI and MN and help keep the beer cold while we're out hammering the races (this sounds like a good job for Scott!).

Cheers, and here's to another year of CyclovaXC!

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