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Autumn Background

Ok, so I finally got my butt out of the house with my good camera to take some autumn photos.  It's always a big trick because your tendency is to sit there and think, "awww...the leaves look good TODAY but I"m sure they'll be even better TOMORROW..." so you end up just flipping on some movie or something and not taking any pictures and before you know it, all the trees look like skeletal fingers.

Well, that didn't happen this year, and I figured in the festive flavor of the moment, I'd go ahead and switch out the background of CyclovaXC to reflect the fact that it is AUTUMN!!!

Yeah, I know you've all been hearing about how excited I am about autumn for the last few months, but it's a big deal...really it is.

I went ahead and put the entirety of the background image up in the photo area for today in case you were curious about what it looked like without a bunch of CyclovaXC logos plastered everywhere.  If you want to know what the html code is that goes to that picture here it is:

And if you want the code for the previous summer picture here that is:

And if you want the code for the ski picture that's going to be coming as soon as we see some white that is:

You see, I'm pretending like I'm putting these up here for you...but really I'm just looking for a convenient place to store all these links so that I have them handy for when I periodically switch them out...hahaha!  The mad genius has struck again.

Anyway...happy Autumn!

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