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Classical Rollerskis On the March!

Unggghhhh....I'm feeling pretty low today because I made the mistake of not going out to roller ski yesterday morning.  Sometimes on a lazy Sunday you just like what it feels like to sit in bed and wait for the baby to wake up and politely ask to be changed.

"Excuse me father...I seem to have had a bit of an 'accident,' can you help me out?"

"Why certainly my dear..."

My little Sofia is very articulate for a 2 month old.

But as good as it feels to just sit around and do nothing in the morning, you certainly pay for it in the afternoon.  I don't know what the deal is!  If I don't get my exercise in I get this dull headache and I just want to binge drink until it goes away.  Maybe it's just Birkie Fever or something...I don't know.

Anyway, I'll certainly be on the trail tomorrow...I can't take two days of this...gnaghhh....

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