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Cycling: Exploring Your Own Backyard

An abandoned road I discovered on the St. Paul side of the Minnesota River Bottoms. If only this road could talk...

One of the beauties of cycling is how easy it is go get off the beaten path and explore areas that are literally unknown by locals. Literally every community has public places like this. Here in Minneapolis, there are many places like this, a few that come to mind are the Minnesota River Bottoms, Fort Snelling, Cold Water Spring, and others.

While it is human nature to stay in our comfort zone, there are few things more satisfying than discovering a gem of a place that you can literally call your own!

While out exploring you'll be surprised at what you'll find. This sweet graffiti is below the Cedar Ave Bridge over the Minnesota River.

Really what is the worst thing that could happen by exploring a new area? Worst case scenario is that you get lost, turn around, and ride back out the way you came in. The majority of my most memorable and fun rides was when I was just out exploring.

The bridge that time forgot: The Old Cedar Ave bridge has been abandoned for years, but rumor has it that it will be refurbished in the coming years for bicycle and pedestrian use.

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