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CyclovaXC Long-Sleeve Bicycling Jersey Approval Form

Sigh...what a tremendous amount of work...

Frank and I actually hadn't even been considering doing an order this fall, and then Mt. Borah wrote us telling us they could mix and match pieces from our various designs so we decided to jump all over it.  The result is the above long sleeve bicycle jersey that is a combination of the bike kit and the arms from the "olive" ski suit design.

I always enjoy skiing in a long sleeve bicycling top since they tend to be a little warmer than a skiing top, and not as warm as a warm-up jacket.  I also like the fact that they have a full length zipper (or at least ours does because we paid the extra $5!  YEAH), so you don't have to wrestle with yourself for a half hour to get out of it.

I was really surprised how many people decided to ante up for these jerseys as well.  Mt. Borah said they could reduce the minimum order to 3, but I think I ended up with more than 6 (the general minimum order) telling me they wanted these.

I'm really looking forward to getting this particular piece of equipment.  Sheesh...I think we've essentially got or made available just about EVERY relevant article of clothing (except running singlets)...we might have to talk about those more in the future...probably next summer if I'm not absolutely broke and living under a bridge by then.

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