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CyclovaXC Vest Design Approval Form

Hello All!

Today I received the design approval form from Mt. Borah regarding our upcoming order.  The above picture is the vest, and although it doesn't really give you a good picture as to how the vest is going to gives you more or less an idea.

You have to remember that these little bits and pieces fit together in a way that's difficult to visualize unless you've tried to sew one of these vests up (much the same way that all the little bits and pieces to a human being don't look quite right until you sew them all properly together). 

Frankly, I think this is going to look as typically awesome as those of you who have already donned CyclovaXC are accustomed to having it look!  At some point, I'm pretty sure we're going to offer a ski suit with this design, instead of the "Olive" and "Lime" designs that we had previously.  However, in all likelihood we're going to radically change the pants.

We'll see...and we'll keep you posted on upcoming developments!

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