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Does Anyone Want a CyclovaXC Vest?

Hello Everyone!

As I mentioned yesterday, Mt. Borah is having a big sale and Frank and I are thinking of placing an order for a couple things.

First and foremost...people have been asking me to get us a vest for quite a while, so that's what I'm trying to do.  The reason we're trying to rush and push this through is that Mt. Borah is currently willing to use our currently existing designs and "tweak" them so they fit for other products.  What that means is that we can save on the design costs, etc.

Currently what I need from all of YOU is to mention if you're interested in a vest, or in a long-sleeve cycling jersey or a lime green CyclovaXC hat (these are the three items we're thinking of placing orders for).  Actually, Mt. Borah has told me that they will accept a minimum order of 3 right now instead of 6, so any of you who are ambitious and want ANY KIND of item available from Mt. Borah, just head on over there and as long as you want 3 we can probably get it done (you can even get triathlon wear if that's what you want).  

As fun as it is to click on all the available products and dream, in order to keep it simple, let's focus on the vests (unless you're REALLY serious about something else).

I have to call up Allan and see if he is willing to sponsor us again for the vests so we can use the model with his logo on it (which is the same as the bike kit...pictured above).  I assume they'll just cut the arms off and make it into a vest...but I have to confirm this with Mt. Borah.  If Allan is willing to sponsor us, I'll probably get some long sleeve jerseys made up as well, since my wife needs a team top.  If I get a long sleeve jersey, I'll again use the bicycle kit design and just do the arms in plain old white (which I think will look pretty cool actually).

My plan is to get cycling wear for both the vest and the long sleeve jersey.  I figure it doesn't hurt to have pockets, and the extra length is kind of welcome.  That way these vests and jerseys can be used year round.

I might also get some hats, but we'll see how money and interest is looking.  The hats are a little bit expensive, so that's prohibitive too.  If I get hats, they will be Lime green and will have the CyclovaXC shield on the front, and probably say on the back.  I might just order 20 of those because you can never have too many hats...but we'll see.

Right now the prices are looking like this:
Vest:  $85
Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey (with full length zipper): $100
Hats: $25.75

Anyway, let me know what you think...but do it sooner rather than later because I'll need to get this deal most of the way done by Friday and ALL of the way done by get in touch with me!  

Again, that's cyclovaxc at!  Hope to hear from you!!!!

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