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Fall Training, the Best of the Year--Cyclops 2.19

I hope you're all enjoying your autumn. For me, the Midwest autumn was probably the thing I missed most while living in Peru. Although I wouldn't trade my South American experience for the world, there's just something to be said about a crisp fall day when the leaves are changing and the excitement of professional and college football is hanging in the air. This is the time of year for your last two or three grills before the frosty weather comes. It's also time to start covering all your windows with plastic (a delightful ritual)!

This is also kind of the "calm before the storm" as we sit playing the waiting game before the snow falls ( is for me anyway...I know all our Mtn. Bike and Cyclocross friends would disagree). Back in the old days, all it took was the rumor of snow for Frank and I to jump into the Blazer and make a mad dash for the border. These days, our blood's a little cooler (thank god) but's not even Halloween yet (we'll see what happens in another couple weeks).

Congratulations to all our CyclovaXC members who did the Chequamegon! You have to send me some pictures (I keep mentioning this but it's hard to get people fired up to do such things)! Heck, just put them on Facebook and let me pick through them. In other news this month, I discovered a flaw in one of my rollerski wheels that caused me to go on a rant that would make Al Capone blush (it's the last article on this list). Also, Alberto Contador got busted for doping...but it's not a very convincing case (at least, I don't think so...but we'll see what happens).

Anyway, that's more or less it. If any of you are doing any half-marathons or other events make sure you post it on the Facebook page so we know where to go (and who to look out for)!

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