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Faulty Rollerski Wheel...Who DIES for this?

The other day I dragged myself out of bed at 6 in the morning and made it out onto the trail for a glorious early morning rollerski.  Now, those of you who have children know that any spare second of your life that you're not spending SLEEPING in those first few desperate months of your child's life is worth more than a thousand times your own weight in gold.  Those moments have to COUNT...those moments are PRECIOUS.  What CAN NOT be allowed to happen is that when you finally get outside on a beautiful fall morning to go rollerskiing...your ski wheels FALL APART!!!!!

Now...before I get into that any further (and believe me I'm going to) just remember that ski wheels cost more than Platinum pound for pound.  I think I paid $45 for the above little beauty, which is absolutely ridiculous I know.  Now, normally I don't complain about the absolutely ABSURD price of rollerski equipment.  It's a niche sport, I understand that, complaining about the higher price is like complaining about your taxes (what's the point, it's unavoidable).


When you are forced to pay the top of the line fee for a product, you should be ASSURED of not getting a defective product!  And when the product you buy obviously has a MASSIVE GAPING AIR BUBBLE in the center which causes your wheel to COLLAPSE in the middle of your rollerski and send you limping home...THAT'S NOT FRICKING ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

The worst of all this is that I bought that rollerski wheel about ten years ago (I was in Peru until now...I didn't have a chance to wear it out) so I don't know where the darn receipt is for this FACTORY FLAWED ITEM.  Heck, I don't even know who I bought it from.

Now, I suppose most reasonable people would just sigh and let this fade into memory...but PRO-SKI messed with the WRONG GUY this time!  I mean, they OBVIOUSLY must have known their wheels were GARBAGE since they've switched over to a BLUE version.  Well, until I'm issued an APOLOGY or offered my weight in GOLD I'm just going to have to bad mouth PRO-SKI every day on my web page since this wheel blew out on me and screwed up my morning.  I'm SICK of people getting away with SCREWING ME OVER.


I'm going to find out who was responsible for this and WREAK HAVOC!  In fact, Robert De Niro pretty much sums up my feelings about the guy who is responsible for stealing my $45 on this faulty product and screwing up my lovely morning (WARING: THIS CLIP CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED):

Ok, actually I'm not that mad...but I'm not happy!  Man that clip is awesome.


  1. I feel for you, Ben, but without a receipt or even knowing where you bought them, you are pretty much toast as far as being able to warranty a wheel. I don't even know if Pro-ski still exists. Their website sure doesn't look promising.

    If you are needing a wheel call us at Hoigaard's. We might have one that fits.

  2. Thanks Erik,
    I ordered a couple wheels from webski, so I'm mobile again. I wasn't all that mad actually, I just wanted to vent!