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First XC Ski Race Of The Season in Lower Michigan

The first on snow XC Ski Race of the 2010 - 2011 season was on Saturday at Brick Wheels in Traverse City, MI! Photo Credit: Brick Wheels

Yes, it's only late October and the first XC Ski Race of the season has happened. No, it didn't happen in a ski tunnel. Rather, it happened in the back yard of the Brick Wheels ski shop in Traverse City, MI.

The even was spearheaded by Brick Wheel's Eli Brown and Tim Brick as well as help from the local ski community.

The snow for the event came from ice shavings created by the Zamboni maintaining the local skating rinks. Many loads of snow were delivered to the back yard of Brick Wheels to create a 70 meter loop that took roughly 15 seconds to ski around.

One might expect putting on a ski race during October to be a challenge, and this was no exception. With warming temps and rain in the forecast after they laid down the course, the crew made the heroic effort of covering the course with tarps and actually salting the snow to absorb excess water. These tactics saved the day and preserved most of the snow - allowing the race to happen.

With over 100 spectators, 25 racers, food, music, and prizes, a great crowd showed up and a good time was had by all.

The race used a time trial format with the top 2 (Milan Baic and Ross Williams) duking it out for the title in a final heat. They started on opposite sides of the course and after several very close laps, Williams was declared the winner.

Click HERE to view the coverage of the event by the local TV News channel.

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