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Forecasts Call for Heavy Snow and Cold In Midwest This Winter winter forecast graphic is a beautiful thing to many skiers throughout the Midwest, New England, and parts of the west.

If you’re a Nordic skier whom lives in the upper Midwest, you’re going to like what you’re about to read!

The long range forecasts from the National Weather Service, Accuweather, and Farmers Almanac are all pointing to an average to snowier than average and average to colder than average temps for the coming Midwest Winter.'s Joe Bastardi, whom is developing a track record of being one of the most accurate (or lucky) long range Winter weather forecasters is calling for a cold and snowy winter for the Midwest. He specifically mentions Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit as areas that can expect significantly above average snow and ice, largely coming from repeated Alberta Clipper storm systems quickly passing through. He cites La Nina as the main cause for this harsh winter, with sea temperatures below normal across much of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean.

The National Weather Service's December through February precipitation forecast.

The widely respected National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center just came out with their updated forecast, mirroring much of what Accuweather's Bastardi had to say. They are generally calling for a colder than average winter for the norther part of the lower 48 states, with warmer than average temps for the southern tier of the country. In terms of snowfall, they are predicting average precip for many of the skiing regions of the country, with above average precip through the northern rockies and norther plains. Summary: For the Midwest expect below average temps with average precip.

Finally, we can't forget about the good old Farmers Almanac winter forecast. They've been doing this for over 100 years and somehow are relatively accurate. This Winter, they are calling for a very cold and very snowy Winter for the Midwest and New England. Specifically, they are calling for a "procession of Alberta Clippers" for us here in the Midwest. It is these "Clipper" systems that have historically yielded the best, and most consistent skiing conditions here in the Midwest.

All of these forecasts seem to generally agree on the Midwest Winter forecast being cold, with above average precip, and with repeated Alberta Clipper Systems moving through.

Obviously weather is a big deal to skiers, cyclists, and runners. Over the past year, our long range forecasts (like this one from last fall and this one from last month) have been some of our most popular posts. We hope you've enjoyed this one.

As I said last month, now as a Cyclova XC reader, it is your responsibility to begin doing the snow dance and hope these forecasts become reality!

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