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Frank at the First Whistlestop

Whistlestop Home Page
That's right, the Whistlestop marathon is coming up.  For those of you who don't know, this is a pretty awesome event.  It's run on an old railroad bed, so you don't get pounded like you do on asphalt, and with the fall colors, this is one of the best events around.

Incidentally, CyclovaXC's Kevin Rodgers won this thing several years ago which is totally awesome.  However, I wasn't up there for that.  The time I went up and watched Whistlestop was when Frank did it in the inaugural year.  That's right, the dude was a founder.  But I think the string has been broken some where along the line unfortunately.

Anyway, Frank was only doing the run because he'd gone on a training run a few days before and gotten lost in the woods...which turned an hour jog into a 3 hour survival ordeal.  This had the upside of convincing Frank he had done enough "preparation" to do a marathon.

Well, Frank and I drove into Ashland and we couldn't find a hotel first of all...but then some weird guy offered to let us bunk with him in HIS room.  I spent the whole night wide awake thinking that this guy was going to slit our throats in the night (or worse).

In the morning, Frank headed right over to Denny's and had the biggest breakfast I've ever seen anybody eat.  It was like six pancakes, fifty sausage links, a dozen eggs and a side of bacon and he ate it ALL!  I was just laughing, so I took his car and drove it all up and down the course hoping to catch Frank heaving up his breakfast somewhere along the line.

But every time I saw Frank he was perfectly fine, and he ended up finishing the run in something just over 3 hours.

Man...I hate it when somebody ignores EVERY PIECE OF ADVICE I GIVE and STILL has an awesome event!!!  But Whistlestop is awesome, you should check it out!

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