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Go and Get Yourself Some Classical Roller Skis!

I tell ya, I've really been spending a lot of time on my classical roller skis lately.  If I'm going with other people, I usually use my skate skis, but if I'm going alone, I'm reaching for the classical roller skis.


Because you can just PLOD along and you don't have to work yourself all that hard...that's why!

Although that attitude is sort of counter-intuitive in a way, there's another way of looking at it by which it DOES make sense.  Sure, it's better to get a hard workout than an easy work out, but an easy workout is still better than NO workout at all.

Really, it just comes down to psychology.  If I think to myself, "should I go for a rollerski" and my response is "no, I'm too tired from work or watching the baby or whatever" then my training is shot for the day.  But if I can use classical roller skis as kind of an incentive to go out, then that's a complete positive.

And in the end, I usually do get just as tough a workout in on classical roller skis as I would have on skate roller skis.  You usually start off kind of groggy, but after you've gone halfway, the blood always starts to boil and you tend to throw a couple sprints in there!

The other thing that I like about classical roller skiing is that the kick is always good (unlike the sometimes mixed results you get when you're on snow).

So if you don't have a pair of classical roller skis...what are you waiting for?  Go out and get some!

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