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Have a Bottle of Muscle Milk!

The other day I finished a roller ski and I was just starving/parched, so I sprinted into a nearby Holiday (where all true runners/bikers/skiers take about 95% of their meals....not by design, but because we're out running/biking/skiing till the brink of the bonk all the time and we look for the first place with anything edible that we can find).

So anyway, I was prowling the aisles of Holiday like a deranged werewolf, and I was actually looking for some chocolate milk (Old Mike C., used to refer to chocolate milk as his secret weapon, since it's so full of instant calories that it takes that bonk headache away almost instantly).

Well, I was starting to get FURIOUS because I couldn't find any MILK!  I found plenty of beer (do they still make beer with 25 grams of protein...they should), but no milk, and I was getting angry and desperate and my eyes were starting to go all blurry.  Then, miraculously, I discovered where the milk was kept (it was in the farthest fridge thing on the right kind of behind the ice machine oddly).

Well, as I looked through all the different bottles of milk, a container that said "Muscle Milk" kind of caught my eye (only in part because it also said "contains no milk" on the bottle).  The main thing that grabbed my attention was the big number 25 as in 25 grams of protein!

I'd never tried muscle milk before, but I decided there was no time like the present so I grabbed the thing along with some nasty gas station danish that had been sitting on the shelf since before world war I (I love those nasty old danishes).  As I walked the muscle milk up to the counter, the woman working there said, "wow...I keep wanting to try that, but I'm afraid to!"

I kind of grunted in acknowledgement and then proceeded to my car where I devoured the muscle milk with a voracious appetite.

My verdict?

It's decent enough...though nothing special.  It takes kind of like those nasty sport shakes that you used to get at the IGA (they were only good when they were cold).  I think you're better off getting your tub of protein at GNC and mixing that up with REAL milk at home, but caught in a pinch the muscle milk seemed to work OK.

Send me your muscle milk stories...I'm sure everybody's dying to hear them.


  1. I've used Muscle Milk on and off for a few years. It's always done the job but boy does that synthetic taste ever get old quick. If you want some extremely high quality protein then look into a company called Biotest. They make fantastic sports supplements. You can find their store on t-nation.com along with lots of good articles on training and fitness in general.

  2. I was going to try muscle milk. Then I read in consumer reports about the surprising amount of heavy metals found in various protein drinks. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine-archive/2010/july/food/protein-drinks/what-our-tests-found/index.htm

    I think you are right, straight up chocolate milk (especially the good 2% kind) is the best recovery drink. And no heavy metals, at least that I know of.