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I'm Registering a Few Complaints about the Weather

A couple of weeks ago I could depend on going out in the morning for a roller ski and be able to enjoy the vista you see in the above picture. However, these days if I wake up in the morning to go roller skiing...all I see is that kind of cold, hard, drizzling evil rain that sinks right into your bones, and then rises up to infect your chest, crushing your lung capacity like a drained can of ultra-boost.

The other thing that sucks about this recent deluge is that it brings out the worm things.

You know what I mean.

They aren't WORMS...they're WORM THINGS!

Worms are long and slimy, but they're reasonable enough and we need them to aerate the soil.

Worm-THINGS on the other hand, are just gelatinous masses of goop stuffed into a little grayish membrane.  Their only purpose is to 1. make you lose your balance as you dodge to avoid them and 2. gum up your roller ski wheels when you don't.

Not to mention the wind...apparently we just set some kind of record for wind velocity.  I'm sure it's the type of "end of the world" scenario that we're going to hear both political parties blame the other for in the latest barrage of hate election advertising.

Actually...come to think of it...the weather's not all that bad after all.  At least there are no TVs out there.  See you guys later...I'm off to go roller skiing!

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