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The Necessary Contents of Your Water Bottle Carrier

Your water bottle carrier is a pretty vital piece of equipment, but what's probably even more important is what you carry in the little gear pouch (presuming of course that your water bottle carrier even has a gear pouch...which I hope it does).  Bringing the right stuff with you can be the difference between an enjoyable training session and a six hour death march.

However, sometimes when you're dragging yourself out of bed for your 4 AM workout sessions, you just don't have the time to think about just what you should be bringing with you every time you train.  In your groggy state, you might forget something that's VITAL, so I figured that I'd better sit down and write a checklist regarding everything your water carrier pouch should contain (I might just save some lives...and anyone who knows me knows that I'm all about saving lives).

So here it is...the water bottle pouch checklist for groggy mornings:

1.  $20--This is a catch all because $20 can be magically transformed into a myriad of spectacular things.  You can buy food, you can buy water, and (if you're training in South America) you can bribe your way out of jail. The only problem with bringing money is that you can't eat it so I also suggest you bring...
2.  Something to EAT--Let's face it, we've all bonked and we've all dug through garbage cans or something even more horrible in that kind of wolfman/depraved state you get to when you bonk (if it hasn't happened to you yet...it WILL...nobody is above the bonk).  Personally, I prefer to bring a snickers bar or something with me rather than one of those horrible power bars or whatever. The Snickers bar has all the protein you need, and it's the kind of treat that can actually motivate you to train (provided you don't allow yourself Snickers bars anywhere but when you're out training).
3.  Whatever medication you're on--for me that means a Ventolin inhaler...which probably every Birkie skier needs.
4.  A Cute Little Roll of Toilet Paper--I'm not talking a whole roll, just 20 or 30 squares.  It's amazing the difference a little toilet paper can make in an emergency situation.
5.  NO Cell phone--Don't even bring it.  Chances are, you're training to get away from the people who might call you, so don't shoot yourself in the foot.  Besides, there's no emergency that items 1-4 can't solve, so why would you want to bring your cell phone anyway?

Ok!  Print this of and email it to your friends.  See you at 4 AM!

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  1. Actually glad I had cell phone when I broke a rollerski in the middle of nowhere and my girlfriend was nice enough to come get me.