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Psychlo-Cross--Cyclops 2.20

Hello All,
The months are trickling past and cyclocross season is in full swing. Yet, like many of you, I find myself focused on the snow-covered distant horizon. If you haven't dusted off your roller skis and worked a couple hour or two sessions (at the very least) into your weekly program then you're getting behind the game (although knowing most of you, there's undoubtedly plenty of time for all of you to catch up)!

Speaking of that, many of you probably remember my tirade about my factory faulty roller ski wheel that I nevertheless paid an exorbitant sum for. Frank, and rightly so, thought I was a little over-the-top in this article (and I'm not inclined to disagree since I'm pretty much over-the-top in everything). Specifically he thought it might have been excessive for me to include a clip of Robert DeNiro as Al Capone screaming and yelling using a string of profanities over the vengeance he's about to wreak (you can rarely use the verb "to wreak").

Well, he's right, and honestly I have to say that I DO love my Pro-Ski roller skis. However, when I wrote that article I was thinking about the fact that I sometimes like to do 4 hour roller ski sessions, and had my wheel blown out on me right at the 2 hour turn around point...I would have been looking at a VERY miserable day. Also, I have to say that the ball is pretty much in Pro-Ski's corner to make amends, and I would be open to receiving some amends, but they haven't contacted me yet (they're the ones in the wrong here). I'll keep you updated as to how this plays out, but my suspicion is that the buck stops here (with me absorbing the cost obviously). For the record, we want to make it clear that the clip inclusion was a joke and is not in any way indicative of any malicious intent (I thought that was pretty clear, but you know how lawyers are).

Oh, and as long as we're speaking of legal liability, we just want to make it clear that anyone caught sexting inappropriate pictures to members of the media will be suspended for a duration of not less than two (2) races (especially if the pictures you send are of the supremely non-impressive nature of the ones involved in a...ahem...similar and current scandal).

We've got a fairly short issue of the Cyclops for you this month since I sent the last one late and I'm sending this one early. Still, there's plenty of little links down there for you to click and enjoy...so we expect you do so to the fullest intent imaginable (if you don't I'm going to sick Robert DeNiro as Al Capone on you....kidding...kidding...shesh...why so serious?).


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