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Road Ride Review: Blue Mound State Park and surrounding area

Cyclova XC Member Dan Knoblauch (in the 7 Eleven jersey) and his Mom conquer "The Blue Mound" climbing Blue Mound State Park.

Recently I had the pleasure of doing some quality riding in the Madison, WI area. Day 1 was a wonderful ride from Fontana to Madison, WI. This was a day with wonderful rolling farm roads - a day on perfect roads in the sun that simply makes a cyclist smile.

Day 2 was even more amazing, but in an entirely different way. You see, rather than sunshine and farm fields, we were riding in the rain through the "Alps of Wisconsin", in the Blue Mound area west of Madison.

The area between Mt. Horeb and Mazomanie and west is without question the hilliest road riding in the Midwest and is where the Horribly Hilly Hundred bike event is held. Following are a few highlights and suggestions on riding in the area.
  • There is a fantastic limestone bike trail paralleling Hwy 151, going west out of Mt Horeb. You can take this right into Blue Mound State Park and beyond if you like. This is the only flat riding in this area.
  • The toughest climb that we were able to find is the road to the top of Blue Mound State Park. There were many hills that closely rivaled this climb, but this had the most difficult combo of gradient and length. It is a gain of about 650 feet of elevation.
  • Explore! The area north of Blue Mound State Park is covered in amazing black top roads that time simply forgot about. Just head north out of Blue Mound and turn down the curviest, hilliest roads you can find. You won't be disappointed!
  • If you need a quick route back to Blue Mound that won't beat you up too much, Hwy 78 is a great quick route all the way back to Mt. Horeb from Black Earth.

A beautiful back road scene, somewhere north of Blue Mound - a cyclist's dream!

Another amazing scene somewhere north of Blue Mound. The road is about to go up with switchbacks!

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