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Road Work on My Roller Ski Trail!

I was out roller skiing with Greg and Kathie the other day when we noticed that the road crews had come along and drilled out the cracks and made them into huge grooves in the middle of the trail.  Although I'm ashamed to admit that my initial reaction was annoyance (because they'd left gravel and rocks strewn about everywhere), I had to settle down and realize that we were LUCKY because this was an effort of maintenance! 

Road/trail upkeep is a science, and all you have to do is engage in a little bit of international travel to realize that the guys we have here doing it in the US are the best in the world (in foreign countries there are literally TREES growing up from the cracks...I've seen 'em).

The next day (as I was out roller skiing again at the crack of dawn), the road crews had again made an appearance and all the cracks were filled in with tar.  I'm sure this will increase the life of our lovely bike/roller ski trail by a hundred or so years, so I'd like to offer a sincere thank you to the roller ski maintenance crew and all their hard work:

Thank you!

However, the question still remains...with all the effort they put into maintaining this trail...why do they still let the snowmobilers use it in the winter and grind the whole thing down to choppy gravel?  I mean...isn't that a little bit counter-intuitive?  Also...what the heck do the snowmobilers need the trail for anyway?

Sigh...the mysteries of the universe continue...

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