A Shout Out to Johnny Klister!

Besides CyclovaXC.com there are one or two other noteworthy websites on the world wide web.  One of them is Yahoo, another one is Google, but following close behind is Johnny Klister.

You know, the fact of the matter is there just aren't enough web pages out there promoting the XC lifestyle.  Perhaps that's because 99.5% of the population are just too frickin' weak to be able to handle it.  Yeah...that's what I said...WEAK!  All that "Urban jungle" nonsense doesn't scare ME!  You want to meet a guy who's TOUGH...talk to a Cross-Country skier.

Well...Johnny Klister is aware of this harsh reality!  I'd say that their page is a bit more frivolous (and I mean that in a good way) than this one.  I'm pretty sure most CyclovaXC readers have probably already heard of Johnny Klister...but in case you haven't...now you have.

I'm also going to put a blog roll feature down below this article, so if any of you stumble across any relevant XC skiing blogs or whatnot...let me know.  The more the better!  And if you decide to comment on any or all of those blogs, make sure to put http://www.cyclova-xc.blogspot.com/ as your URL!


  1. Hey Ben (and Frank),

    Hoigaards (the venerable St. Louis Park ski shop) has started a nordic blog for this season. Hopefully we can keep it updated with nordic news and what-have-you you from our shop. Check us out:




  2. Got it...it's in the feed below, thanks Erik!