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We Want to Hear Your Birkie Stories (Join the CyclovaXC Writing Team!)

Hello All!

First of all I just want to say THANK YOU for everyone who got back to me so quickly about getting in an order for some CyclovaXC vests and long sleeve bicycle/skiing jerseys.  For those of you who are interested and haven't contacted me about it, you can read the details here!

CyclovaXC has been experiencing a pretty massive growth spurt lately (much like my lovely little daughter in the above picture...who is modeling her custom CyclovaXC beanie!).  Because of that, I thought I'd send out another CALL FOR EDITORS AND CONTRIBUTORS! (we want to hear your Birkie stories!!!!)

Right now I believe we have about 10 or so people who have permissions to post things on CyclovaXC, but of those it's pretty much just Frank and I who do most of the writing (although I'm guessing Andrew is about to get started again).

For those of you who don't know, the whole point of this web page is to serve as a kind of "communal scrapbook" as to what's going on in the local (or international) biking/running/skiing/triathlon/anything you want to do community.  The idea is that when we're all old and decrepit, we can browse through the pages of CyclovaXC and point at the pictures that we took and posted of ourselves back when we were young and fit and magnificent and say, "seee...seee...seeeeeeee!" all this while spitting up horrible tasting portions of creamed corn.

Seriously, it's nice to keep a virtual diary of every ski season.  I wish we'd had this back in the old Riverbrook days!

Mainly what we need is photos!  You know how it is when you're out racing and you see those professional photo guys.  Getting their photos seems like a great idea until their proofs arrive in the mail and you end up paying like $600.  Back in the old Riverbrook days, we used to just get in the habit of taking each other's pictures...but it wasn't easy to share them since digital cameras were was the internet (sheesh...I'm old).  Well, now with things like google picassa and emails that let you attach huge files, it's easy to share we just need a TEAM of people out there TAKING photos!

But besides that, it's always fun to hear the various training/racing stories that no respectable magazine would publish (although you should keep it more or less clean here on CyclovaXC too).  Honestly, cross-country skiing is just a mystery sport to so many people!  They don't know how it takes over your life and makes you do crazy things like drive 6 hours out of your way in the HOPE of finding snow, or spend $150 on a piece of wax the size of a quarter, or how it makes you capable of eating six metric tons of food at a buffet!  

So dust off your old computer archives of skiing/biking/running or any kind of training photo you've taken over the years, slap down a paragraph or two, and write me requesting a permission to become a CyclovaXC contributor!  We guarantee you'll find it a blast, and we'd love to hear your stories!  I'll be awaiting your emails at cyclovaxc AT

Oh, and everything runs more smoothly if you have a gmail account, so if you want to join us, send me one of those!

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  1. Seriously there has never been a baby more cute than this! What a glorious contribution to the world! I deserve a government pension or something :)