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Are Workout Bars Overpriced and Ridiculous?

The short answer is YES...which is always why I bring the items in the above picture along for me when I'm out training.

That's right...TOMATOES!!!

No, just kidding...I take Snickers bars.

If you ever read one of the packages you'll realize that the ingredients are essentially the same as what you'll find in a Cliff bar or a Power Bar except you don't have to pay seventy-two thousand dollars to buy a frickin' Snickers bar...NO...they're only like thirty-six cents a bar and they actually TASTE good because they're BATHED in chocolate and frankly...when you're out there doing like a seven hour roller-ski you DESERVE to eat some frickin' chocolate!  That's how I motivate myself to get out there and train...I take a Snickers and I'm like, "not yet my sweet...but soon...yes, soon" and then I go skiing and skiing and skiing and finally when I get to a spot exactly three point five hours away from my house I stop and I sigh and I whip that Snickers bar out of my little water carrier pack and I gobble it down and then I shed a solitary tear because my brief moment of happiness has ended and I now have to ski 3.5 hours back to my house and it's already dark.

Snickers is awesome...and they're ESPECIALLY awesome because they produced the following super creepy Halloween commercial that is honestly the BEST commercial I've seen on US television since I've been back in the states.  Seriously, this commercial is GREAT...but I have to admit, I was only creeped out by it the first time I saw it (seriously creeped out...like "I'm not sleeping with the lights off" creeped out), but the second time I saw it I was ROLLING with laughter.  Enjoy:

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