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Bike Tech: How to not put a bike on a car rack

How to not put your bike on a rear mounted bike rack.

When Ben and I first conceived of putting together a daily updated website to accompany our bike, ski, and run team, I'll admit that I never thought I'd put up a post on how to not put a bike onto a auto bike rack. In any case, here we go...

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I were driving north out of Minneapolis on Interstate 94 and we saw the above car with a trunk style rack installed incorrectly, with a bike strapped on - horizontally over the trunk. I couldn't believe it so had my wife take a picture as we drove by.

Clearly this is simply a case of someone putting a rack on this car whom just doesn't know what they are doing. However, they really need to read the directions. This is simply dangerous. With a bike hanging off the care like this, it's just a matter of time until it falls off, bounces off the road and goes through someones windshield. Or, if they were to slam on the brakes, it could break loose of the rack and go through their own rear window.

Yes, auto racks are certainly serious business, with which safety and liability should always be a concern. Some auto racks are complicated, so if ever in doubt do take a careful look at the manual, as they are easy to find online.


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  2. Good call! Brian, would you mind being a model of how to not wear your helmet? Just kidding, kind of...