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Birkie Training with Billy Squire's "Rock Me Tonite!"

Here's what I figure...I figure that all of us at CyclovaXC should memorize Billy Squire's exact dance routine in the above video for "Rock me Tonite!" and we should perform it in public in group synchronization whenever possible.  It shouldn't be all that hard to learn...all he does is flap his arms about like a turkey.  Come on...it'll be like 3 minutes of aerobics!

Seriously...do you know the story for this video?

Back in the 80s, when music videos were still new...Billy Squire invented virtually EVERY sexy dance move that became associated with cheesy videos from the 80s!  He invented the stomach crawl (which Shakira later perfected), he invented the ripped T-shirt and the T-shirt rip (in the second, the T-shirt comes right off the body), and he invented the downward miserable look as you tuft your humongous/ridiculous 80s hairdo!  With all of these contributions to music video lore, you might be wondering why Billy Squire isn't being celebrated to this day?  Well, unfortunately all of these moves are only cool if a WOMAN does them!  Billy Squire's insistence that HE do all of these moves HIMSELF essentially RUINED his career!

Seriously, I can barely watch this video.  I had to turn it off the first time through, then I had to call my wife over to sit by me in order to actually watch it.  If you're at work...don't play this.  A guy simply can't watch this video by himself...much less star in a video like this (I don't know what the source of this prejudice is...but I FEEL it man...though not as much as Billy Squire Feels it!).

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