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Box 'o Cyclova Gear

More and more frequently people are seeing me lugging around this tiny little box of CyclovaXC gear.  You know, it's always a big surprise how little space something like 100 ski jerseys takes up.  At the beginning of the summer, this awesome plastic carry-all (that I got at WalMart or K-Mart for like $14) was FULL with jerseys, ski suits, hats, and warm-ups.  There's a significant amount of space in it now, but it's about to fill up again with our order of vests, long-sleeve cycling jerseys and hats (although theoretically every item in that order is already spoken for...but I'll believe it when the CHECKS come in!).

Those boots are pretty much antiques these days.  You know, that's the main difference between skiing at 23 and skiing at 35.  When you were 23, the stuff from 10 years ago seems ANCIENT! seems like the stuff that happened 10 years ago happened YESTERDAY!

I don't know if I've told you the whole story about those ski boots.  They have seriously been through a couple major accidents with me at the helm (like all things that have submitting to putting me at the helm have invariably experienced).  I crashed once really good on a mountain in Australia and ripped the metal hook thing off my ski binder (making them useless as ski binders).  The force of my crash also made the plastic knob thing on the "energizer" spring at the back of the boot explode and go flying off into the bush.  It was a hard hit, the last time I was beaten like that in Australia, it was at the hands of Mel Gibson (I'm gonna burn this @#$% house DOWN!...gotta love Mel).

Well, I took those boots into a local ski shop and they fixed them up with an aluminum screw that is still holding those bad boys together to this day.

The black velcro was applied when the zipper went out (why can't they switch back to metal zippers).  The guy at the Oakwood wall "fixed" them for like $20...but I had money in my pocket that day so I didn't complain (that's my problem, I only complain when I don't have any money...and when you don't have any money, nobody takes you seriously).

Anyway, the next time you see me, chances are I'll have my plastic box 'o CyclovaXC bring your checkbook and prepare to be swathed in glory!

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