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The Bumblebee Costume at the Cyclo-cross Race

That Cyclo-cross that I went and watched (and which you might be getting a little bit bored of hearing about...but bear with me) happened to be going on right around Halloween.  Apparently for that reason (I'm assuming it was for that reason, I mean for what other reason could it have been?) people were doing the race in costume.

Here's a picture of one of the better costumes...Bumblebee girl.

Dressing up like a Bumblebee kind of lends itself to a bike race in exactly the same way that dressing up like the demon from legend (replete with his 14 inch heels) absolutely doesn't.  You see...a person on a bicycle kind of LOOKS like a Bumblebee, all hunched forward and buzzing around. And the natural noise of the bike actually helps with the "bzzzzzzz" of the chain.

You know, the way I see it, I don't know why they shouldn't have a costume for EVERY cyclo-cross race!  I mean...why NOT really?  Don't we do these crazy bike/run/ski races on the weekends to get AWAY from all the boring stuffed shirtedness at work?

If I were in charge of the world, you'd have to do EVERY race in some sort of absurd costume, and you couldn't WIN unless your costume was as good or better than your time.  Plus, you'd have to carry a nerf football soaked in paint, and if a racer got hit three times by one of these nerf paintfootballs, they would be disqualified.  Also, you would have to take a shot of Johnny Walker on every lap.

See?  If the world didn't so cold heartedly discriminated against me and all my brilliant ideas, I'd probably be a multiple gold winning Olympic athlete by now (of course...there's the alternative possibility that if the races were run that way...I'd be complaining that they should be run the way they are now...you never know).

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