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Cars of Avid Skiers Fill the Driveway

Have you ever noticed that all skiers drive remarkably similar cars? I suppose that once you're done putting ski racks and bike racks on ANY kind of vehicle, it's going to start looking similar to all the other vehicles out there sporting ski and bike racks.

But let me ask you this: when you see a car with a bike rack and a ski box do you find yourself trusting that driver just a little more than if it were just any old car on the highway? I mean...are you kind of thinking, "man...if something goes down out here on this lonely gravel road...I know who I'm going to recruit as an ally?"

The only difference is that a lot of skiers drive these massive trucks. You know, it'd be interesting to do some sort of scientific study and see what kind of differences there were in results, physical build, etc., with racers as they correlate with the kinds of cars they drive. Somebody should write Yahoo or the US government and see if they can get a stupid study like this commissioned. I mean...they're ALWAYS doing completely redundant, stupid studies and displaying them on Yahoo.

Better yet...maybe we could get them to pay US to do this study! Is there anybody on CyclovaXC that knows anything about statistics? How many people would we reasonably have to interview in order to justify charging the government like 50 million dollars. I'm thinking no more than a half-dozen or so...but again I'm just basing my numbers on what I've seen come out of Yahoo and the Government previously.

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