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Cyclo Cross In The Old Days

I'm not one to believe all of the tales I hear about how tough it was back in the old days, but at the same time I realize how times have changed.

In many ways such as dealing with rough race courses, crude equipment, etc, the athletes of yester-year were tough as nails. I also believe that a good deal of today's athletes are armed with the knowledge of how to most effectively train their bodies for racing, so are likely fitter and certainly armed with much better equipment.

In any case, watching videos like the one below makes me appreciate cycling's roots that much more. Would today's lycra clad Cyclo Cross racers on $8,000 cross bikes race like this? Probably not.

Check it out and enjoy!

It is believed that the below race was filmed in the early 60's, somewhere near Middleton (near Newcastle) in 1963 with the commentary added in the 90's.

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