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CyclovaXC Tassel Hat Approval Form

You know...I searched high and low for a lime green hat that we could just slap our embroidered shield logo onto...but to no avail.  There just aren't any lime green hats out there!

And you know what that means don't you?  It means that our friends and families that are looking for us in ski races are going to be able to see us coming from a mile away!  This hat is going to be a BRILLIANT FLAG that stands out amongst all the other racers in the herd!

Frank had suggested that we use the "Stain glass" pattern on the hat, and that really isn't such a bad idea.  However, I think I'm still a little traumatized about the instant last year when a couple guys wanted to blow my head off during hunting season because I was out roller skiing next to where they were doing their deer drive. I wanted to do a HIGH VISIBILITY hat!  And that's what we're going to have here!

Then again, there may yet be time for that stain glass hat.  As I was talking this over with Frank, I mentioned how I put in an order of 13 or so of these hats, and I'm not even all that worried about selling them.  I found it was really nice last year to have a bag of hats in my car that I could whip out and put on at a moments notice. Sometimes when you get done skiing, you're head is just longing for a clean...dry hat!

Truth be told, I could see us ordering a new hat every single year, just to ensure that Frank and I have bags full of hats in our respective cars!  They also make nice gifts...hey...speaking of that, didn't we give Kettula a hat last year on the promise that he'd but a suit this year :)  Wait...don't tell me...The check is in the mail!

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