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Deer Hunting Season is Upon Us (get out your blaze orange)

Yup, it's deer hunting season again. If you've been out at all in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, you've probably been seeing a lot of bucks running around all crazy in the rut.  Seriously, if you think sixteen year old boys are out of control, they've got NOTHING on young male deer this time of the year.

In fact, the last three times I've been out roller skiing I've seen young bucks go sprinting off into the distance after desperately trying to pick fights with trees, semi-trucks, and houses (not necessarily in that order).  They're all jacked up on hormones this time of the year...it's crazy out there.

A couple of weeks ago I was out roller skiing with the Osceola contingent.  We'd just finished up our loop when a young doe came sprinting out of the woods with a buck on her tail.  We all just had to stop and stare as she went BOOKING into a nearby field with that buck in hot pursuit.

Honestly, it was almost as if you were watching something inappropriate.  Like the "correct" thing would have been to step in and intervene.

---That's what one part of me thought.---

Another part of me was like, "WHOOOOOOO---HOOOOO---GO GET HER!!!!  YEAH!!!!"

That part was a little more awesome.

I mean, talk about peeling something down to it's barest possible essence.  There was no dinner, no movie, no pre-nup, no NOTHING!  Just raw animal hormones RAGING!  And you should have seen the MUSCLES on that buck!  Generally you don't see animals get all worked up about anything.  They're usually just standing around miserably slowly chewing or fleeing in terror.  But even when they flee in terror they don't put as much effort into it as THIS animal was cranking out.

The whole thing kind of gave me hope...I'm not sure what KIND of hope or what it even meant...but it was cool.

You connect the dots...I'm afraid to!

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