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First Snowfall!--Cyclops 2.22

Hey Everybody!

Well, the first snow has fallen, and although not much of it remains there are a few lingering patches of white to be found here and there to remind us the ski season is not far off. It's early snowfalls like this that help rouse you from your zombie like autumn training state. After a few months of hill-bounding and roller-ski workouts, you sometimes have a tendency to forget what you're doing it all for. There's nothing like a few flakes of snow to wake you up (either that or a bucket of water thrown right in the face...they both work).

We've got our ski vest/long-sleeve jersey/hat order in (I'm still awaiting your checks--gentle reminder). I'm psyched about this new round of clothing, mostly because we put it together on the fly and with extreme haste (otherwise known as with extreme efficiency). I think the hats are especially going to separate us from the crowd. Spectators will be seeing us a mile away!

Back when Frank and I were doing the Riverbrook club, we were pleased to see a cover image in a newspaper that featured six of our guys skiing along in a row. They obviously picked that image because our ski suit was clearly the best on the trail! Well, the case can be made again, and I'm looking forward to our appearing in local newspapers from Fargo to Ishpeming (or even farther east...I just said Ishpeming because it is a cool name for a town...or person...Ishpeming Jonjak...hmmmmmm).

Anyway, enjoy the following articles, get your checks in, and think snow (check out the Jeff Foltz's about a new Birkebeiner novel)!!!

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