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Get a New Car...Or Get an Auto Survival Kit!

Having a baby changes a guy, let me explain how.

My car's getting old and crusty.  Every now and then I wonder if the darn thing is just going to randomly explode on the highway.  Occasionally there is a burning smell, and plumes of white smoke go rising up from under the hood (this usually happens at stop signs or red lights...but it "goes away" when I continue to drive).

Back when I was a single fellow, these car problems would have just made me laugh at the fact that I was probably just going to have some marvelous adventure in one of the upcoming days.  It's sort of like waiting on a pregnancy.  You're never 100% sure when that baby is going to come!  Perhaps the car would break down on a long trip out West...or maybe just one Monday morning on the way to work...but whenever it happened, that day was going to be EPIC!

However, now that I have a little baby in the car, it occurred to me that although a night in sub freezing temperatures would be a fun and wonderful adventure for me...the baby might not like it all that much.  So I had to take some steps to figure out how I could make a freezing winter night more comfortable for my darling daughter.

At first I considered buying a new car.  But the thought of spending $20,000 just didn't sit well.  So instead of spending $20,000, I spent $20 on a hatchet and a pack of matches (my auto survival kit).

Now if I have a car implosion on the way to Grandma's house and have to live in a ditch for the night, I can take comfort in the fact that I can build a primitive shelter and everyone will survive.

Perhaps you should get an auto survival kit (I mean...only if you want to be a responsible parent).

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