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Is Quinoa the Magical Birkie Beater?

Here's the thing...

As many of you know, my wife is from Peru.  What that means is she is privy to a whole bunch of knowledge about actually nutritious food that Americans know nothing about.  She's constantly trying to get me to eat like her, but I'm too busy sucking the grease off American French fries and the like.

Well, she managed something with this Quinoa thing that got my attention.

Quinoa is a...well, I guess you'd call it a grain, and apparently it's just jammed packed with super-powered goodness.  You can generally find it in health food stores, and they even have a bin of the stuff at Festival foods in Eau Claire.

At my household we've just had a baby, and my wife's mom insisted that she eat a regular portion of Quinoa to help enrich the nutritional quality of her breast milk.  So, my wife has been diligently boiling up a mixture of Quinoa and oatmeal and serving herself a cup full every day.  She's served it to me a couple of times on occasion and it doesn't have a bad flavor in the least (honestly, the oatmeal flavor kind of dominates and the Quinoa just provides a texture...oddly, Quinoa looks a bit like fish eggs when it's cooked up like this).

Anyway, the thing is, our baby has simply EXPLODED in size.  She was born in the 50% at 7 lbs 10 oz, and at two months she was sitting in the 93% at 12 lbs 6 oz.  She simply put on a HUGE amount of weight and the pediatricians were amazed (she's also doing calculus, writing novels, dancing and is fairly decent with an acetylene torch [for sculpting...not torture]).

So I think the massive nutrient surge she has experienced is because of the Quinoa, not that it's made me eat it more than I had before, but at least I'm CONSIDERING eating it more!

Still...those greasy french fries are calling....but I KNOW those don't make you ski the Birkie faster!  It must be the Quinoa!

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