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Member Profile: Steve Edling

Dr. Steve Edling (Aka "Eddy", in the Gophers jacket) at a recent trail work day with friends

Dr. Steve Edling had been a fitness enthusiast since a lot of Cyclova XC members were knee high to a grass hopper.

Early on, his sporting life was focused on ball sports. Once you get to know him, at some point his being a kicker for the Minnesota Gophers Football Team will come up. After witnessing his graceful combination of flexibility and agility in motion, you'll have no doubt that he could still send a football flying the length of a couple football fields

Steve's day job is that of being a Chiropractic Doctor, HERE is the link to his clinic's website. His practice is very well established in Osceola, WI - the heart of the beautiful St. Croix River Valley. Consider looking him up next time your body isn't feeling right.

First and foremost, Steve is a family man with a lovely wife and two kids.

In recent years, the focus of his sporting life has been XC Skiing. Steve spends considerable time out training during the off season running, rollerskiing, and cycling. During the Winter months, Steve can be found skiing most days at the plethora of great ski trails throughout the beautiful St. Croix River Valley. He says his favorite local place to ski is the Balsam Branch Trails, with Troll Hollow coming in a close 2nd. While this isn't official, I'm guessing that Steve's skiing fantasy is to dress up as "The Bear" at the Great Bear Chase ski race, up in Calumet, MI.

When Steve recently picked up his new Cyclova XC Team Kit, he danced around in his suit like only a passionate Cyclova XC team member can. Steve will add to the fun factor at this Winter's XC ski races and even razz some people around with his fun loving trash talking (not to mention scoring some top race results).

Get to know Steve, you'll be glad you did!

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