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Minnesota State Cyclo Cross Championships on CNN and Kare11!

Not only were new State Cyclo Cross Champions crowed in Saturday's Minnesota State Cyclo Cross Championships, the perfect storm brewing overhead dumped more than 9 inches of wet heavy snow onto the race course throughout the day. This created a unique bike racing atmosphere that the main stream media latched on to, which is a great and unusual thing.

Earlier today, I spoke with race promoter Stephen Vitvitsky and he commented that "the race went very well, but it was the blizzard that made the spectacle a national media event. Anything that draws national attention to bike racing is a good thing".

News coverage of the MN State Cyclo Cross Championship on Twin Cities New Channel Kare 11.

I've not only seen coverage of this event on local Twin Cities station Kare 11 (see above), but also global media giant CNN and many other websites, such as Cycleture.com.

Cyclo Cross truly is the ultimate segment of bike racing to spectate and get people excited about racing. It's rich history and exciting nature can compete with any mainstream sport!


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