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NEW Hyland Ski Jump Lodge

This beautiful new ski lodge will be ready for winter at the foot of the Hyland Ski Jump in Bloomington, MN with the jump in the background.

While Cyclova XC isn't focused on Ski Jumping, we do realize the Ski Jumpers are in fact our Nordic brothers and sisters. With the success of the US Nordic Combined Team at the recent Olympic Games, the sport has been brought to the forefront. Ski Jumping is truly a thrilling sport which is amazing to watch and I can only imaging absolutely exhilarating to do. With this said, it's incredibly exciting to see this new ski chalet going up!

The Minneapolis Ski Club is putting the final touches on their new 2,400 square foot ski lodge, at the foot of the Hyland Ski Jump. This new facility will provide a warm and comfortable place for Ski Jumping and Nordic Combines athletes and spectators to keep warm while being a part of the exhilarating sport of ski jumping!

The building is slated to be completed by December 1, in time for the coming winter and will be a most welcome replacement for the rented trailers that used to sit in it's place.

While the ski jump is on Three Rivers Park property, the new ski lodge is being funded fully by donations from Minneapolis Ski Club members and friends.

Click HERE to check out a slide show of this new ski chalet in progress.

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